If you would prefer to register over the phone,

please send an email and we would be happy to arrange a time to speak.



January 5:  Plan to be in India

If this is your first-time traveling to India and you would like to be greeted at the airport and have your travel arrangements to Rishikesh made, click here.

We recommend some additional sight-seeing that can also be arranged via Heartman Travel Services, here are links to the tour options:

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January 6: Plan to arrive in Rishikesh- by mid-day or early afternoon, lunch will be served, check-in begins at 2pm.

Make your own way to either the Dehradun airport or Haridwar train* station (*recommended) where we will pick you up by private car and transfer you to Hotel Ganga Kinare on the banks of the holy Ganga river- the site where we will stay and practice for the duration of the retreat.  You’ll have time on this day to explore town, buy ‘Indian style’ clothes for excursions to holy sites and relax at the hotel until our official Welcoming Session to begin the retreat.

January 7-15:   The Science of Being: Living Life to its Fullest Potential

Each day will begin with a group round, morning snan in the Ganga, followed by breakfast.  There will be an excursion or planned activity,  two knowledge sessions with Thom and special guests and an afternoon group round.  There will also be an opportunity to follow a special rounding program designed by Thom (a prerequisite to Initiator Training) for those who would like to get into high rounds.

Thom, Anand and Baskaran will have (limited) availability to host private one-on-one consultations during the day.  Private yagya ceremonies with Baskaran can be arrange for an individual or group of up to 3 people.  The hotel also has a spa with various therapies available each day.

Excursions include: Vasistha’s Cave, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Waterfall Hike, Special Group Aarti and more!

January 16: Final round and Farewells

After breakfast we’ll check-out and depart for our respective returns.

Prices are in USD
Prerequisite: This retreat is open to those who practice Vedic Meditation. For those who wish to learn on the first four-days of the retreat, there is a surcharge of $1000.
Bookings require a 50% deposit, due immediately.
Bookings require 100% payment two weeks after registration.
Any payment is made prior to September is refundable, minus $500 booking fee.
Any payment made after September 15 is non-refundable.
Payments in the US are preferred via Venmo or personal check, please reference name & room type in note.
Payments from outside the US via wire transfer must add $20 for additional fee, please reference name in note.



india16-tk-3--0049-The village of Rishikesh is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the holy river Ganga and has been home to great saints and Vedic masters for thousands of years. It is in Rishikesh that Thom was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, at the ashram that we will have an opportunity to visit. Rishikesh is part of a holy state, there is no animal consumption, nor alcohol. Considered one of the holiest towns in India, it is home to many spiritual practices and therefore people from around the world pilgrimage to it’s many holy sites.  As we are making our journey in winter, the town will be less crowded than usual- and a bit cooler.  Be prepared by having layers for early morning and evening.  If you have never been to India before, this is the best possible way to delve into its culture. If you have been, experiencing this country with Thom is a whole other level of depth and richness.

thom_cup-Mastery in The Science of Being is our birthright. Through regular, twice-daily practise of Vedic Meditation in our regular home environments, we bring the mind systematically to that profound inner peace. Being is infused into our daily awareness, giving us access to infinite energy, creative intelligence, and organizing power.

The Science of Being residence course will dynamically recharge your entire practice.

To whatever extent your home practice may have become tenuous- or, even if you have been as regular as a saint-this course will augment the impact of meditation in your daily life, enhancing the  foundation of Being for your return to the responsibilities of home.

This will take effect in two ways.

First, personal experience in meditation itself will deepen very profoundly due to the supremely conducive environment of the retreat and the finessing of your technique of practising meditation.

Second, my program of giving knowledge and intellectual understanding will verify and validate those deeper experiences.

These twin approaches- enhanced direct experience supported by deep theoretical understanding- validate the name, Science of Being.

It is the supreme science which, when applied systematically, gives rise to the supreme art of living- life free from suffering.

Supporting all of this, the spiritual environment of this retreat- Rishikesh, Himalayas, India- absolutely is out of this world.

Rishikesh’s caliber of spiritual impact is incomparable; daily access to the celestial Ganga (India’s sacred goddess river) where She courses pristinely, directly from Her Himalayan source, is- on its own- sufficient reason for Rishikesh’s 5,000 year old status as India’s premiere pilgrimage destination.

Additionally, we are making arrangements for the participants to meet and receive the blessing of The King of Yogis, the Shankaracharya, a spiritual ally.

The Shankaracharya is the undisputed and preeminent master of all the masters of India; he is the highest-ranking master of the millennia-old Vedic Tradition of India.

Our guest masters and comrades, are Sattva Yoga’s founder, Anand Mehrotra, and Maharishi Pundit Baskaran of Chennai.  There is also talk of a possible visit from Krishna Raju, Vaidya of the Raju Family Clinic in Hyderabad.

There will be generous question-and-answer opportunities throughout.

Altogether, The Science of Being retreat is heralded to become one of the most historic spiritual events to occur during your lifetime.

We are so happy to make it available to you.

With Love and Jai Guru Deva,

Maharishi Vyasanand Saraswati
(Thom Knoles)

 Photos by Nadia Dara Diskavets