Group Meditations and Knowledge Meetings

If you have learned to meditate from any teacher of Vedic Meditation, then you are warmly invited to attend free Group Meditations and Knowledge Meetings led by Thom.


Restoring Creative Intelligence in the Aftermath of Trauma
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Benrubi Gallery
521 West 26th St, 2nd Floor

Join us for a special knowledge meeting and group meditation on Tuesday, September 11th, where Thom will discuss the importance and impact of 9/11 on his own teaching and growth of our Vedic Meditation community. He will also discuss how to cultivate true invincibility in aid of world peace.

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The 25 Qualities of the Unified Field: Their Relevance to Your Life and Living
Sunday, September 16, 2018
The Assemblage NoMad
114 East 25th Street

Every individual possesses all 25 Unified Field qualities, but each of us, not unlike a recipe, is made up of an elegant sequencing of these qualities. By understanding the qualities of the Unified Field, we begin to not only understand and accept ourselves and our role in the world, but also celebrate the elegance of every individual’s expression and gifts, thereby nurturing our connectedness with others.

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