Vedic Meditation Teacher Directory

Thom Knoles with various Vedic Meditation teachers

Vedic Meditation Teachers Directory

Thom Knoles teaches Vedic Meditation in New York, Sydney, and on destination retreats

To find a Vedic Meditation teacher near you, review the recommended teachers in our meditation directory below. Vedic Meditation is only taught in a live, in-person format over 4 consecutive days.

Receive Ongoing Support From Thom

After you have completed your Vedic Meditation Course with a qualified meditation instructor, you will have immediate access to the following:

  • Quarterly Global Group Meditations with Thom Knoles
  • Join Satsang, a premier global Vedic Meditation online community
  • Refresh and retake Thom Knoles’ Vedic Meditation Course
  • Weekly Knowledge Newsletters
  • Opportunity for Advanced Studies, Retreats, and Online Courses
Thom working with a Vedic Meditation Teacher
Thom Knoles sitting on a rock next to stream

Be in Touch With the Best Vedic Meditation Teachers

When it comes time to find a meditation teacher near you, it’s important to seek an authentic experience from a qualified teacher. Thom Knoles is one of the leading world authorities on meditation and a master of Vedic Meditation.

Thom first learned meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the greatest of Indian meditation gurus and teachers who brought meditation and knowledge to the West. 

Now, Thom is considered one of the best meditation teachers across all traditions and shares his deep insights on applied spirituality and consciousness studies with over 40,000 students globally. Learn to meditate and access your true potential with help from the best Vedic Meditation teacher in the states.

Expand Your Vedic Meditation Knowledge

If you’re already familiar with Vedic Meditation practices and philosophy, Thom’s guidance can help further deepen your understanding and practice.

When learning from the best Vedic Meditation teachers like Thom Knoles, you can:

  • Join Satsang and take the next step in your evolution by working more closely with Thom to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. You’ll have regular, direct access to Thom and his teachings through monthly live events and additional ongoing support.
  • Join Thom Knoles on a Vedic Meditation retreat in Sedona and India. You’ll return to your daily activities with expanded awareness and increased joyfulness and bliss.
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Find Vedic Meditation Teachers Near You

California – Central Coast
Califorina – Los Angeles Eastside
California – Los Angeles South Bay
California – Orange County
California – San Bernardino
California – San Diego
California – San Francisco
California – San Francisco – South Bay
New Mexico
New York – Hamptons
New York City – Brooklyn
New York City – Queens
North Carolina
Pennsylvania – Philadephia
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh
Washington State
Canada – Vancouver
Mexico – Oaxaca
Mexico – San Miguel de Allende
Mexico – Tulum
Czech Republic
Greece – Athens
Greece – Hydra
Portugal – Lisbon
Portugal – Porto
Spain – Ibiza
Switzerland – Geneva
United Kingdom – Manchester and North West

“Since learning Vedic Meditation, I feel like I’ve come home. It’s been a long journey. My experience is unparalleled and I am so excited to continue my learning with Thom.””

Simone J.

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