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Online Courses For Vedic Meditators

Expand your Meditation practice with Thom Knoles’ Vedic Knowledge Online Courses For Vedic Meditators

Learn from Thom’s self-paced advanced Vedic Meditation courses online and join him for live Q&A sessions. Courses are open to all graduates of a qualified Vedic Meditation course.

Awakening Abundance

Does it sometimes seem like your desires and life demands are greater than your resources?

In the Vedic worldview, abundance is about cultivating a consciousness state that provides everything you want when you want it…

…without hoarding, strategizing, worrying, or preparing for every outcome.

If positive thinking and gratitude exercises aren’t quite doing the trick, learn with Thom how to awaken your infinite abundance and live a life without worry.

Thom Knoles teaching the enlightened habits course

Enlightened habits

Are you trying hard to build good habits but not getting the results?

Forget everything you’ve heard about building habits.

Thom will teach you the Vedic approach to creating long-lasting, positive change in your life with advanced online courses on meditation.

The aRT of following charm

Tired of wondering whether your decisions are taking you where you are meant to go?

In this self-paced, online advanced Vedic Meditation course, Thom explores the nature of charm, how to recognize and cultivate it, and how every decision can become a matter of effortless attraction.

Thom Knoles talking about the art of following charm

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