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“A great seer”


“Someone who sequences knowledge”


“The tradition from which I come”

“I teach a methodology whereby, sitting comfortably for twenty minutes twice each day, one can transcend all of the thoughts of the ‘ever-repeating known’ and experience bliss in the unbounded field of Being.”

Thom Knoles 
Thom Knoles with hand on the head of a student


Thom learned meditation in the 1960s from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the great Indian guru who brought meditation to the West in the 1950s. Thom spent the next 26 years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and was the first Westerner and householder (someone with a family) to be inducted as a master. He then went on to teach in Australia, where he researched neuroscience and consciousness at Maharishi European Research University (MERU). 

He received an honorary doctorate, “Doctor of Science of Creative Intelligence” (D.Sci) in 1978. He then quickly became a sought-after public speaker and educator, consulting more than 40 top corporations and federal and state governments. 

He went on to help set up meditation schools in Sydney, Nepal, and the Philippines and began to teach in the USA after moving from Australia in the ’90s. 

Today, Thom Knoles continues to teach Vedic Meditation. He’s taught over 40,000 people to meditate, including heads of many major Hollywood studios, Fortune 500 corporate leaders, two heads of state, and Nobel Peace Prize laureates. 

Thom currently lives in Arizona and travels to speak and teach all over the world.

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