Support For Vedic Meditators

Support for Vedic Meditators

Expand your Vedic Meditation practice

Join a lively community of meditators worldwide and access Thom Knoles’ meditation support teachings to expand your practice.

sydney teaching tour

6 June – 30 June 2024

Thom returns to Australia and looks forward to supporting our thriving community of Vedic Meditators.

Join Thom for free group meditation and wisdom talks, two day-long retreats, and a residential Rounding Retreat.


Join Thom and the worldwide Vedic Meditation community for free global group meditations.

The next Global Group Meditation takes place on March 29, 2024.

Global Group Meditations are open to all graduates of a qualified Vedic Meditation course.

Thom Knoles speaking in front a group of people in a room with many windows


Infinity is at your fingertips. Learn how to make it your living reality.

In this course, you’ll see that absolute abundance is the nature of reality, and learn to operate with that reality instead of resisting it.

When you realize that all possibilities are available to you, right now, in your consciousness state, you can relax into a life completely supported by Nature.

NYC teaching tour

October 2024

Thom returns to New York City this fall.

Join Thom Knoles for free group meditations. These include  Satsang meditation support group in-person events,  day-long retreats, and Vedic Meditation course refresher sessions.

Thom will also be offering private consultations and Advanced Technique instruction.

Thom teaching room of students
Students in a Vedic Meditation Course

in-person advanced KNOWLEDGE COURSES

Expand your consciousness and feel supported with guided meditation. Learn advanced Vedic Meditation techniques in Thom’s one-of-a-kind knowledge courses.

Vedic Meditation Knowledge courses are held in a weekend small group retreat format with a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher.

Online Knowledge Courses

Continue your learning with Thom by joining him in his three self-paced knowledge courses, Awakening Abundance, The Art of Following Charm, and Enlightened Habits.

You’ll have lifetime access to these courses, along with meditation support tools such as well as the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions with Thom Knoles a few times a year.

Thom Knoles talking about the art of following charm
Thom Knoles talking about advanced vedic meditation techniques

Advanced VEDIC MEDITATION techniques

Meditators ready to accelerate their expansion and evolution can receive an advanced Vedic Meditation technique.

The advanced Vedic way of meditation integrates that elusive, deeply charming state that we slip into in our deepest meditations into every moment of our awakened state.


We return to India in January 2024 for our annual 11-Day Journey in India Retreat.

Thom Knoles will host two Rounding Retreats in 2024, one in Sedona, Arizona, in May 2024, and one in Gerringong, NWS, in June 2024.

Thom Knoles with students at a Vedic Meditation retreat
Thom Knoles conducting a Vedic Meditation initiator training

VEDIC MEDITATION Initiator training

As your meditation and mindfulness practice changes your life and well-being, you may want to give the gift of initiation into Vedic Meditation to others.

Apply to participate in the next Vedic Meditation Initiator Training with Thom to share this transformational teaching with the world.


Book a one-on-one consultation with Thom Knoles and receive personal guidance on how to live to your fullest potential.

Thom’s specialty is identifying the sustainable path to progress and detecting and eliminating obstacles to personal evolution.

Thom Knoles talking with a student during a private consultation


Join our global community of dedicated Vedic Meditators and immerse in a world of support, celebration, and exclusive access to teachings with Thom Knoles. When you join Satsang, you’ll meet other meditators and join masterclasses, Q&A, and discussions with Thom on a monthly basis.