Vedic Meditation India Retreat

A large group of people at a Vedic Meditation retreat in India

A LIFE-CHANGING JOURNEY with thom knoles

Vedic Meditation Retreat • January 8-18, 2024

Thom Knoles with other practitioners at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India


After three years away from beloved India, Thom Knoles invites you to join him for a once-in-a-lifetime immersion in Vedic culture and tradition.

Join Thom in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the banks of the Ganges River, and throughout historical and sacred sites in northern India.

With deep meditation, knowledge sessions, meeting great masters of the Vedic lineage, and a rich community, this experience will define the rest of your year and beyond.


Explore sacred sites where the vibration of Vedic knowledge is strong.

Get away from the ever-repeating known’ of your days and demands to shift your perspective and expand your horizons.

Meditate in the ashram where Thom studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and experience ceremony and meditation in sites of profound pilgrimage.

A large group of people at a Vedic Meditation retreat in India

I love retreating with Thom [in India] because it gives me the space to rest and restore, dial into my inner compass and gain clarity about my life.

Giancarlo P.
Thom Knoles with other practitioners at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India

Take a look inside Thom’s India Retreat

A family at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India


Meet meditators from around the world and experience the nourishment of intentional community.

Together, you’ll explore the origins of your Vedic Meditation practice and dive deeply into advanced concepts that will take your meditation practice – and evolution – to an accelerated level.


Learn from Thom as his student in a rare opportunity of in-person access at the same sites where Thom himself raised his awareness under the tutelage of his master.

Expand your state consciousness with Vedic knowledge flowing directly from the source.

Thom Knoles with other practitioners at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India
A woman at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India


With Rounding and meditation daily, you will maintain a deep state of rest while taking in the sights and sounds of Mother India.

You will be led by Vedic Meditation Initiators through your daily meditation program, be supported through your experience, and grow and stabilize your baseline of bliss.


Thom’s annual India Retreat takes place in Rishikesh, a pilgrimage destination visited by spiritual seekers across all traditions. Rishikesh is widely considered the home of the best meditation retreats in India.

birthplace of meditation

Experience the vibration of Vedic knowledge

Step away from your daily routine and advance your progress toward enlightenment

Learn everything there is to know about the origins of your Vedic Meditation practice

unique experiences

Meet living masters of the Vedic Tradition

Personal tours of Thom’s beloved sites

Visit sacred temples and ashrams

Deepen your knowledge with Thom’s teachings

luxury accommodation

Four-star resort experience

Private beach access to Ganga

Farm-to-table local vegetarian cuisine

Comfortable transportation for touring

INDIA Retreat investment

Family Accommodation and Presidential Suites are available upon request.

Single occupancy

USD 6,500

  • 11 Days, 10 nights immersive retreat with Thom
  • King bed, private bath
  • Ganges River or Mountain View
  • Daily excursions and lectures with Thom

DOUBLE occupancy

USD 4,900

  • 11 Days, 10 nights immersive retreat with Thom
  • Twin bed, shared bath
  • Ganges River or Mountain View
  • Daily excursions and lectures with Thom

Included in your experience:

  • Accommodation at Divine Resort, a luxury property set at the foothills of the Himalayas, with beach access to the Ganges River
  • Luxury transportation between Divine Resort and Dehradun Airport/Haridwar Train Station
  • Vegetarian meals and snacks daily
  • Admissions fees for all excursions and activities
  • Daily excursions with Thom to sites of pilgrimage and visits with great masters of the Vedic tradition
  • Twice daily lectures and knowledge meetings with Thom
  • Rounding Instruction and twice-daily group Rounding
  • Check-ins with a Vedic Meditation Initiator assigned to you to support you throughout the retreat

health & safety protocols

  • A lab-administered negative PCR test taken 24 hours before international travel is required, at an additional cost to the retreat participant (typically USD 200-300)
  • We plan on testing retreat participants throughout the retreat, at no additional cost.
  • We will continually monitor and update our protocols as COVID conditions evolve.
A city at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India

“Come to India and let me show you my ‘hometown,’ where I learned everything that I know from my master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.”

Thom Knoles

Frequently Asked Questions


Check-in at Divine Resort begins at 3:00 pm on January 8th. The latest check-out on January 18th is 11:00 am.

Our first lecture with Thom will begin at 8:00 pm on January 8th. Our last lecture with Thom will take place on the evening of January 17th.

Informal farewells with Thom will take place after breakfast on January 18th.

What’s not included with registration?

-International flights to and from India

-Domestic travel from Delhi Airport to Dehradun Airport or Haridwar Train Station

-Lab administered PCR tests taken 24 hours before International Travel (required for our retreat, USD 200-300)

-Advanced Technique training with Thom

-Additional private experiences include consultations with Thom, Yagya ceremonies with Pandit Baskaran, and Jyotish Readings.

how many rounds will we do per day?

You will be enjoying two Rounds per day, one in the morning, and one in the evening. There will not be a High Rounding experience offered on this retreat.

will this retreat satisfy my rounding retreat prerequisite for initiator training?

This retreat will not satisfy the prerequisite for Initiator Training, as there will not be any High Rounding as part of this retreat experience. Your 11-Day Retreat experience with Thom will be focused on experience in India and knowledge.

I’ve never been to India before. will you help me feel comfortable?

Traveling to a yoga and meditation retreat in India is a safe and pleasant experience, especially with Thom and our local support team. From the moment you register for the retreat until your return home after the retreat, you will be well looked after and feel comfortable traveling internationally with a large community of Vedic Meditators.

i’d like to see more of India before/after the retreat. how do i make arrangements to do so?

Please contact Pankaj Mishra, one of our local travel guides. He will organize an itinerary for you and provide you with many options to tour India before or after our retreat.

Pankaj Mishra
Heartman Travel Services 

What if I need to cancel or can’t make the trip?

All payments are non-refundable.

We strongly encourage the purchase of trip cancellation insurance for protection against any potential loss of fees.


If international tourists are no longer allowed into India due to the spread of COVID-19, we will refund 100% of the retreat fees to all participants.

We highly encourage all participants to purchase trip cancellation insurance for financial protection against situations like this.

I can’t make the entire 11-day retreat but will be in India visiting. can i pay a day rate for the days i can attend?

Thom’s retreat is not open for drop-in attendees or partial attendance.

If travel schedules cause a delay of one day or an early departure of one day, that is acceptable; otherwise, attendance for all days is required for the retreat.

I’d like to invite someone who isn’t a meditator yet. Can they learn?

We will offer the 4-day course at the start of the retreat for an additional $800.

Is there a payment plan?

A USD 1,000 deposit is required to reserve your spot. Then, 50% of your balance is due on October 15 and your final balance is due on November 15, 2023.

A JOURNEY IN INDIA happens only once a year.

Please join our waitlist; we will let you know when we open registrations for 2024.

Thom Knoles with other practitioners at a Vedic Meditation Retreat in India

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