Awakening Abundance

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Awakening Abundance Course

Infinity is at your fingertips. Learn how to make it your living reality through abundance thinking and Vedic Meditation.

Flow with ease through life, receiving and creating all the resources you could ever need.

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It’s a normal experience to look at our circumstances and wonder how we’ll get what we need when we need it.

Popular discussions around abundance embrace intense focus, manifestation challenges, and “raising vibrations” as useful means to gain financial abundance.

If positive thinking and gratitude exercises aren’t quite doing the trick, how do we find a better way to live a life without worrying about resources?

The Vedic Worldview on abundance isn’t about insider manifestation powers, trite laws of attraction theories, or wealth strategies.

It’s not about money or material things, either. It’s about awakening abundance.


In the Vedic Worldview, abundance is about cultivating a consciousness state that provides for having everything you want when you want it…

…without having to hoard, strategize, worry, or prepare for every outcome.

This is how reality works, but oftentimes, our stress prevents us from experiencing present-moment fulfillment and creativity.

In this course, you’ll begin to see that absolute abundance is the nature of reality. You’ll also learn to operate with that reality instead of resisting it and feeling desperate.

Get ready to learn how to enliven abundance as your baseline state of consciousness.

An invitation to access effortless abundance thinking

As a Vedic Meditator, you’re releasing stress daily, removing engrained memories and worry-based behaviors that prevent you from receiving the natural flow of abundance.

With complete knowledge of the mechanics of abundance and Nature’s organizing power, you can let go of old scarcity fears. You can operate with total confidence in your ability to receive or create what you need, anytime.

When you remove the roadblocks of your natural, abundant birthright, you can relax into a life totally supported by Nature. Concerns evaporate, presence expands, and generosity flows easily with every opportunity.

No matter your circumstances, you can experience exactly enough all the time and claim the best in every area of life.

You’re invited to embrace your status as Totality and enter into effortless self-sufficiency through abundance mindset courses.

Learn to live life in ever-growing waves of capability, giving, and abundance.

What will I learn from the awakening abundance course?

How to be self-sufficient and allow flow in your life

No more hoarding or incessant planning. When you have infinite organizing power, what you need will appear. Or, you can create it.

Learn how to awaken abundance in your consciousness

Learn techniques that will enliven the qualities of Cosmic Intelligence within you. Observe Nature respond as you trigger the laws of reciprocity.

How to adjust your thinking about scarcity and abundance

When you change your worldview and stop resisting the natural flow of life, you’ll discover abundance everywhere.

Abundant consciousness in parenting, health, career, and time

Thom covers questions on abundance to help you apply abundance consciousness and infinite deserving power to each area of life.

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Experience transformation as you learn to:

Let go of thoughts and behavior that come from resistance and fear.
Greed, hoarding, justifying, resisting, fixating on money, and comparison will all begin to fade when you re-align with the true abundant nature of reality.

Challenge your assumptions about what is possible for you.
If you’ve previously looked at your situation and assumed there are too many responsibilities and constraints to be truly abundant, this course will challenge you to look again. With access to infinite intelligence, you’ll find shattering limiting beliefs and becoming creative with your solutions.

Let resources flow in and out of your life easily.
Become a fast-acting agent of change who effortlessly attracts every resource in response to the needs of the time.

Relax into the knowingness that any amount of resources can be created.
Embrace your access to infinite organizing power and creativity, and let your unboundedness of Being lead your actions and thinking.

While others worry and fret and hoard, you can set aside your burdens and enjoy the adventure, picking up and letting go of what you need as you go along.

Your registration to the pre-recorded abundance course includes:

  • Session 1: Opening Lecture
    Thom talks about the science and physics of an abundance reality, and reminds us that we are totality. He defines abundance and sets up the structure of the knowledge in the rest of the course.
  • Session 2: Lecture
    Thom paints the picture of how our expanding consciousness affects those around us and begins to influence our circumstances. He discusses hoarding and admiration of wealth, and the difference between saving resources and operating with our access to omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.
  • Session 3: Q&A
    Thom answers questions about saving money for future generations, thriving regardless of circumstances or economy, the Maharishi’s commission to go get and create what we need, and the landmarks of expanding consciousness around abundance.
  • Session 4: Lecture
    Thom discusses the fluid and flowing nature of abundance and how to allow flow in our lives. He also introduces figures in the Vedic tradition that can trigger the flow of abundance.
  • Session 5: Q&A
    Thom answers questions about abundance in health, changing patterns of thought, responding to the flow of nature when resources do not arise, fixed incomes, and mood- making abundance.
  • Session 6: Q&A
    Thom answers questions about experiencing an abundance of time and becoming a time billionaire, and how to inspire abundance in people who do not have a framework for soul.
  • Session 7: Lecture
    Thom recaps the contents of the course, including defining abundance and recognizing our status as totality, He discusses self-sufficiency in action and calls listeners to step up into transcending where we are, changing our thinking, and testing the reality of abundance all around us.


Saturday, November 18, 2023
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Flagstaff Time
Session held on Zoom (details provided upon registration)
A replay of the session will be posted on the course page.



USD 350

  • Enjoy this self-paced audio course anytime
  • Live Q&A sessions with Thom
  • Lifetime access to the course


USD 600

  • Enjoy this self-paced audio course anytime with a partner
  • Live Q&A sessions with Thom
  • Lifetime access to the course

“Can you be relaxed about existing? That is abundance.

Abundance is our birthright. Nature will support you in every way. And progressive change is the nature of things. Ride in the current of the river of progressive change.

Move in the currents of unboundedness and let it take you everywhere it can take you.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access once I register?

You will have lifetime access to this course.  This will allow you to revisit Thom’s teachings as many times as you would like as you apply the principles of abundance in your daily life.

How do I access the course once I purchase it?

Log into The course will be under the “Awakening Abundance” section. You will also receive instructions via email upon purchase.

Do I need to be a Vedic Meditator to access this course?

Yes. All of Thom’s teachings about Awakening Abundance are contingent on experiencing the field of Being through Vedic Meditation regularly. This course is therefore recommended for twice-daily Vedic Meditators.

What’s the refund policy for this course?

This course is non-refundable.


Liberate concerns about finances and time and enjoy an effortless flow of resources through the power of meditation for abundance.

Engage in practices that nurture inner peace, transform limiting beliefs, and invite abundance into your life. Embrace the joy of receiving, effortlessly attract opportunities, and live a life full of fulfillment and prosperity.