How Our Meditation Practice Can Help Others

Many of us come to learn meditation for self-serving reasons. Better sleep, clarity of thought, improved health, and freedom from old, habitual stress-driven patterns are just some of the hopes of improvement we hope will. However, we soon begin to realize that our meditation practice no only improves our lives, but it begins to help and positively impact the lives of those around us, a well.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke about meditation in this same way. He considered himself to be a lighthouse, shining light into the darkness. Wherever Maharishi traveled, he brought his radiant state of consciousness and teachings to improve the lives of others, no matter how dark or brooding the energy was.

In this video Thom talks about the quarter of a century he spent with his great enlightened master, witnessing him radiate the light of life throughout the world for all to enjoy, no matter the environment he found himself in. There was no concept of “negative energy” in Maharishi’s world that needed to be dealt with, only darkness that needed lighthouses.

When we learn and begin practicing Vedic Meditation, we too become lighthouses. Not only do we light the way for others, but we represent what meditation can very quickly enable us to become; strong, steady, and bright.


Lighthouses are attention-getting and postcard-worthy. They are stunning examples of architecture positioned on craggy coastlines. A lighthouse is also functional; its purpose being to emit light, and in doing so serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots.

Similarly, Vedic Meditators have both form and function. 

In form, we are magnetic, naturally attracting the admiration, even the envy of others who long for a taste of the ease and equanimity we emanate. Just as a lighthouse sparkles for seafarers, so too a Vedic Meditator radiates vitality. We represent both a beacon of hope and a font of knowledge for those stressed and struggling.

And what of the function? We meditate not only for ourselves but for the benefit of the world around us. A practice that began as a personal pursuit of improvement might well become a practice of universal responsibility. This is because a Vedic Mediator positively influences the surrounding environment. Each time we meditate, we help others along the way.

The de-excited awareness of a Vedic Meditator has a calming, soothing effect on others. Where de-escalation is required, our presence naturally brings diffusion. On the other hand, when an uplift is called for, we perform the role of a rising swell that lifts everything and everyone within our sphere of influence. Just as the powerful beam of a lighthouse illuminates the ocean all the way from the shoreline to horizon, the sphere of a Vedic Meditator’s influence extends beyond the boundaries of the physical body and out into the world. 

Vedic Meditators are environment upgraders. We are the answer to the need of the time. Whatever the need may be, we are the solution. Like a lighthouse in the darkness, we remain strong, steady, and bright.

Jai Guru Deva.