LA One-Day Retreat, October 2019

Dear Vedic Meditator,

In the new age world today, the fundamental mechanics of manifesting and how we commune with Nature is gravely misunderstood. This concept that the Universe is simply waiting for you to ask of it for things is actually a fraudulent idea.

The relationship between the individual and the cosmos plays a fundamental role in the process of manifesting, but it works in a way which is exactly the opposite of what people think. On my retreat on Manifesting, we’re going to spend the day talking about what actually causes the desires that you think you’re having in order to manifest things.

This is a 180 degree reversal of what’s being broadly taught today and will revolutionize your life; it’s time to truly understand the phenomenon of manifesting so it can aid in our own personal evolution.

With love and Jai Guru Deva,
Thom Knoles
Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati