New Year’s Message from Thom

It’s so good to have 2021 here, isn’t it?

2020 was an interesting and challenging year that brought us, as I’m sure you’ll agree, many profound lessons in:

  • How to enjoy a little more solitude in isolation (even if enforced)
  • Compassion for all of those who have lost loved ones
  • How to expand and enhance your immunity 
  • Ecology improvement (Our carbon emissions have decreased considerably due to us not jetting around all of the time.)
  • Surrendering to never knowing what to expect next (Nobody this time last year would have guessed what was coming in the next ten months. We have learned how to stay alert to all possibilities.)
  • How to maximize our adaptation capability (To be super adaptive is one of the great blessings of the human condition. It allows us to interact with demands made on us and succeed in that interaction.)

Now that we have 2020 in our rearview mirror, we look forward very much to embracing enthusiastically the mystery of what 2021 will bring. ​

Whatever that mystery is, we’re ready for it because now we’re really on our toes. To whatever extent we were prematurely content or complacent in life, we can now rid ourselves of that concept and be ready to embrace, with enthusiasm, the changes coming in the next year.

This year, you’ll continue to receive regular emails from my team, and have the opportunity to interact with me via my podcast, Vedic Worldview.  

I encourage you to connect with my colleagues, the Initiators of Vedic Meditation. They are the wonderful heroes and champions of the world. Attend their Introductory Talks and join their other offerings and opportunities for gaining knowledge.

I look forward to the year coming, and I want all of us to embrace it together as knowledgeable people who are in the process of eliminating undue fear from our lives. Let’s continue together in becoming highly, highly enlightened, and radiate life for all to enjoy.​

All my best wishes for 2021.

Jai Guru Deva