Buddhism vs. Vedic Philosophy: Key Differences

Thom Knoles speaks with Lodro Rinzler about the similarities and differences between Buddhist and Vedic philosophies, their origins, and how those philosophies are expressed in the way in which people actually practices techniques from each tradition.

No matter your knowledge of Vedic or Buddhism philosophy, you are sure to learn more about both teachings through this insightful podcast.

Episode Highlights

Buddhism and Vedic Hinduism have a beautiful unity when it comes to the understanding of human life. But of course, there are also subtle differences that make these philosophies unique. 

Through conversation, Thom Knoles and Lodro Rinzler compare and contrast Vedic Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism to see where these philosophies intersect and vary. Topics covered in this podcast include:

Understanding the Beliefs of Vedic and Buddhism

Is Buddhism considered a Vedic religion? What are the differences between Buddhism vs Vedic religion? Listen as Thom and Lodro share their formative stories and what they find valuable in both philosophies. Including where they share similarities and differences.

How Did Buddhism Develop Out of Vedic Beliefs

What is the argument that Buddhism has Vedic origins? Does Buddhism’s renunciation of Vedic dharma indicate Vedic origins for the belief system? As with many ancient philosophies, it can be difficult to determine if Buddhism is a reform of Vedic Hinduism or where many of the beliefs and practices originated.

Learn more about the origins of both philosophies that can provide more insight into their similarities and key differences.

Where Does Jainism Fit In

Both Jainism and Buddhism rejected the Vedic system of sacrifice. However, this is only one key difference between these three philosophies. Hear more about the nuances of each belief system 

Learn with Thom Knoles about the body of knowledge known as the Veda.

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