“The Vedic view is that every cell of the body and every body on Earth has the potential for omni-sexuality. Any kind of sexuality that’s needed…”

Thom Knoles

What’s the Vedic worldview on sexuality?

Gender expression and sexual identity have been hot topics in recent years as more and more people choose to abandon gender and sexual stereotypes.

And while Vedic civilization was way ahead of its time in terms of accepting gender diversity, it turns out that sexuality may not be as important as it’s made out to be.

In this bonus episode, Thom proposes a viewpoint whereby we can all look at sexuality from a different perspective and focus on a more reliable source of identity.

And if you’d like to dive a little deeper into the subject, Thom has a new course on Omnisexuality, available for people who have learned Vedic Meditation from a qualified and endorsed (by Thom) Vedic Meditation Teacher.

PS – This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at a public event so please forgive the slightly less-the-perfect audio quality.

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Episode Highlights


Q – What’s the Vedic World View on Sexuality?



Why Stop at Five?



Doing is Not Identity



Sexuality is a Thing That You Do



Three Minutes…



Be Open to Change



Thom’s Course on Omnisexuality


Jai Guru Deva



[00:45] Q – What’s the Vedic World View on Sexuality?

Dear Thom, I grew up in a very gender-fluid environment, and I have friends who are multi sexual, however it feels as if there’s a lot of pressure to be binary. That’s what it feels like to me, but easy to say as I’m monosexual.

 The other thing I often hear people say is that if a man is tender and nurturing, then that’s the “female” in him. Or if a woman is assertive, then that’s the “male” in her.

I was also reading that there are certain cultures where there are five genders. Can you please share the Vedic worldview on sexuality?

[01:23] Why Stop at Five?

Why stop at five? A thousand and eight. That’s the Vedic number.

The thing is, every one of the 70 trillion cells of the human body is capable of absolutely everything. It encompasses everything that we know, and many things beyond anything we know.

And people today, we feel all modern and everything when we talk about gender fluidity, and we have all these fancy words for something that’s always existed. And what has always existed is minute-by-minute potential for change.

The problem with all of this is people deciding rigidly, “I’m a …” and then putting a label on it, because you might be something else in five minutes. But now you feel embarrassed and as if you’re going against the tribe because you said you’re a ‘this’ and now you’re one of those letters of the alphabet, or a combination of letters, whatever it may be. We’re gonna run out of letters soon.

So why limit ourselves to these letters? The Vedic view is that every cell of the body and every body on Earth has the potential for omni-sexuality. Any kind of sexuality that’s needed, and it could change minute, from minute, to minute, to minute, to minute, to minute…

Rigidity is the enemy. Now, if it turns out that you haven’t found that in your life and you found that you seem to be one consistent sexual behavior, relax. It’s okay.

[03:03] Doing is Not Identity

And when you get to be an ancient old age like mine, really, it’s all pretty academic. But if it turns out that you were one thing for lots of decades or whatever, that’s okay. And if you were 15 different things, that’s okay.

Identity has nothing to do with doings. Doing is not identity. Being is identity. Pure Consciousness is your truth. The truth is you are Totality. You are Totality.

You’re not what your body most recently did, or what your mind most recently thought about that you wanted your body to do. Doings and thinkings are not identity.

Identity is Being. What is it that you are at your essence?

What is your spirit? Your spirit is Unbounded Consciousness. And the doings world is just a world of doings. And the fact that we have had a period of civilization where people were very uptight about very specific ways of behavior and all of that… Well go back to the 1200 BC. They weren’t. We know from the paintings, they weren’t.

We developed and created all of these rigid roles, and that’s okay, too. Whatever seemed to be needed for the time, that was what happened in that time. And we’re moving from one time to the next, all the time. We humans have the idea that we always had to be one thing and that Nature only ever favors one set of behaviors, and this is just abundantly not true.

[04:51] Sexuality is a Thing That You Do

What is true is the confusion thats created in people when they feel as though they have to develop a loyalty to a sexual identity, and then they’re going to be in trouble if they change their mind.

Or if they add to, add to or subtract from whatever it is you’ve declared about yourself and somebody’s gonna cancel you.

That’s fear-based administration, and it’s not the way that Nature works. So we all need to basically just relax, and take it easy, and not try to derive our identity from what the most recent sexual thought is that you’ve had, but derive your identity from Transcendence. That’s the thing that unifies us all.

That’s the one thing that we all definitely are. Being. Pure Consciousness, the unbounded consciousness field, and it’s the unbounded consciousness field, having human experiences.

We’re not humans who occasionally transcend. We are unboundedness that likes to behave like a human. That’s what you actually are.

You’re the unbounded Universe that’s enjoying human status for the moment. Even that we’re not rigidly attached to. We can go Devic or God-like anytime, any moment.

So we have all possibilities as a range of behaviors for our fundamental identity, which is Being. Sexuality is a thing that you do, whenever you’re doing it. Nobody’s doing it in here that I can see. We do have very specific times…

[06:43] Three Minutes…

I remember Maharishi told us at the beginning of our teacher training program that we had to be celibate during our three months of training. And there were some people who complained and said, ” That doesn’t fit into my regular agenda.”

And he said, “How much time do you spend doing that thing? Do you spend 24 hours a day doing it?” They said, “No, no, not 24 hours.” “Do you spend one hour?” “Not quite an hour.” Then he said, “You’re practically celibate already.”

 ” I’m asking you to change three minutes.”

” Don’t do the thing you spend three minutes doing. Just relax for three months. After that, you can do the three-minute thing as much as you want.”

And the fact is most of us are practically celibate all the time. Right. I mean, if you think about it.

So, we’re not really identifiable by the three minutes or the 30 minutes or whatever else it is we think.

[07:49] Be Open to Change

Thinking is not our identity. Unbounded, Cosmic Consciousness is our identity. And it can find its way out through any kind of expression anytime. We just need to be relaxed about it. That’s all.

And don’t expect to find identity in sexuality. Sexuality is such a prissy thing. It just changes all the time.

So, you might notice that historically you’ve had a consistent set of thoughts, but be open to change. Anything can happen anytime. Just relax and be the Unbounded Universe having a human experience. That’s the best you can do. That’s the best way to be.

[08:37] Thom’s Course on Omnisexuality

Jai Guru Deva. We’ve just announced Thom’s latest course for Vedic Meditators on this very topic of Omnisexuality. 

The six-part course is a self-paced audio course available now and open to all graduates of a qualified Vedic Meditation course.  Visit our course page at for more information.

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