The Secret to Every Great Relationship

The key to a good relationship is a topic that is elusive to many of us. In fact, relationships are one of the most popular topics that Thom is asked about. It’s no surprise why this might be. Relating to others, developing strong relationships, and feeling comfortable in partnerships are a big part of our life experience.

Oftentimes, we mistakenly go in search of partners in hopes of filling a gap or void in our life. This may be why so many people search on the internet for “The secret 100 ways to have a great relationship.” We can think to ourselves, “If only I had a partner to spend my days and nights with, I could finally feel happy and complete.”

Relationships are not designed to bring you happiness

The secret to every successful relationship is understanding that they are not the source of your fulfillment. The key to keeping a good relationship is understanding that, relationships can only ever be an outlet for your existing happiness, to whatever degree that happiness exists. As a result, the success of any alliance will depend on the collective fulfillment (or suffering) in the partnership.

To listen to Thom’s opening discussion on the key things to a good relationship by clicking here. In this video, Thom shares:

  • The mechanics of fulfillment and relationships
  • How relationships are a showcase for our established fulfillment (or lack thereof)
  • The personal and social cost of destructive relationships
  • Why socially relevant relationships thrive

When we stop searching for happiness outside of ourselves and begin to cultivate inner bliss, a change occurs. We stop trying to harness the key points to a good relationship. We no longer demand happiness from others. We begin to deliver happiness to a relationship. 

Click here to listen to Thom discuss the Secret to Every Great Relationship

This is how we start building long-lasting partnerships and alliances that great relationships require.

Deepen your understanding of relating and PARTNERSHIPS

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