Private and Corporate Consultations

Private Consultations

Private Consultations are individual meetings between Thom and anyone actively practicing Vedic Meditation.  A Private Consultation with Thom provides the opportunity to expand your state of consciousness, to resolve problems, or to learn not to create them.  You may have identified an issue you would like to resolve or you may wish simply to receive a new perspective on how best to evolve your life; to fulfill your desires.  Thom’s speciality is in identifying the sustainable path to progress and in detecting and eliminating obstacles to personal evolution.

Private Consultations can take place in person or by phone and are subject to absolute client confidentiality. For inquiries please contact us:

Corporate Consultations

Thom Knoles has extensive experience in corporate coaching and mentoring with clients including CEOs and executives in Fortune 500 companies in the US, and in the the top corporations in Europe and Australia.  His corporate coaching practice includes coaching for individuals, executive teams, and Boards of Directors.

Thom’s corporate coaching reaches far beyond teaching meditation.  Thom works closely with corporate leaders to understand the specific challenges each business faces, the dynamics between executives and management teams, and the best way to manage each team member to optimize both business objectives and individual fulfillment.  Thom adjusts his work to meet the specific needs of each executive or organization, but most projects include topics such as the following :

  • Organization-wide commitment to the company’s mission
  • Maximizing the full potential of individual team members
  • The “Art of Leadership” – being generous vs. over-generous
  • Creating a frictionless business environment
  • How our work affects the life we want to create for ourselves
  • The Dharma of business
  • How individual fulfillment flows through to profitability

Thom’s Corporate Coaching can take the form of a one to two hour consultations with individuals or teams, day long workshops, or ongoing mid to long-term consulting engagements.

References on Thom’s corporate coaching work from top corporate executives will be provided as a part of any work proposal.

For more information or to ask questions, please email