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Satsang Masterclass: It’s All Self-Referral (Online)

Virtual Event Virtual Event

The only thing you can truly know is your own consciousness state. Thom will share how to apply the knowledge of what we think is "out there" is only all "in here" and live to our fullest potential of expanded consciousness. REGISTER

Global Group Meditation with Thom Knoles (Online)

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Gather with other Vedic Meditators to ask questions and share experiences relevant to your journey. In this one-hour event, we will dive into Vedic knowledge and enjoy meditating together for 20 minutes. REGISTER


Satsang Masterclass: Whose Nature is Nature? (NYC + Online)

NoMad NoMad New York, New York, United States
Virtual Event Hybrid Event

We often have a view of Humans vs. Nature. But whose nature is our human nature? And how do we live harmoniously with all that's around us? Thom will share the real definition of humanity and how we can make our greatest contribution to Nature at large. REGISTER

Vedic Meditation Initiator Training

Rishikesh, India Rishikesh, India

Become a Vedic Meditation Teacher and Bring Vedic Meditation to the World. Experience the Gold Standard of Vedic Meditation Initiator Training in our transformational 12-week residential program. LEARN MORE

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On Love & Relationships

Learn the true nature of love and how to create partnerships that last.

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