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Memberships are open to all students who have graduated from an in-person Vedic Meditation course.



  • Quarterly Group Meditations with Thom
  • Access to recordings of select talks and group meditation replays

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  • Benefits of free membership, plus
  • Additional 2-hour live monthly Knowledge Sessions with Thom
  • Special Monthly Audio Message from Thom

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  • Quarterly Live Global Group Meditations with Thom
  • Replays of group meditations with Thom
  • Access to Thom’s Knowledge Library, including select replays of past lectures, like:
    • Awakening Your Baseline Happiness
    • The Fallacy of ‘Power through Control’
    • Also, topics on consciousness, aligning with nature, and more, uploaded periodically

Next Global Group Meditation

Saturday, April 9th, 2022
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm EDT

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“When I study with Thom, I don’t feel like a student. I’m an explorer living the knowledge, not just studying it. When you spend time with Thom, he connects you to the source of knowledge so you can experience it first hand.”

Henrietta t.

connect with a global community of meditators

Experience the joy of expanding your state of consciousness with meditators from across the world.

As a regular touchstone for your practice, you can find encouragement in our quarterly meditations and knowledge meetings led by Thom.

Access thom’s knowledge library

This free resource is available to all Vedic Meditators who have completed an in-person course with a qualified Vedic Meditation Initiator.

We regularly update this library with additional lectures and bonus Q&A with Thom.

“There is still a lot of knowledge that I have not yet given to the world. I’m very eager to work with meditators so I can complete the process of teaching everything I learned from my own master.”

Thom knoles

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