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Join our global community of dedicated Vedic Meditators with a Vedic Meditation subscription and access the most interaction with Thom currently available.

The Mentor’s Circle Membership is for Vedic Meditators who are looking to take the next step in their evolution and want to work more closely with Thom to accelerate their growth.

A Vedic Meditation subscription on multiple devices

Ask your questions and learn with Thom live every month

By joining Mentor’s Circle, you’ll have regular, direct access to Thom and his teachings through monthly live events and additional ongoing support. Every session includes a group meditation with our global Mentor’s Circle community. 

All sessions can be enjoyed live or at your own pace. This is your all-access pass, no matter where you are in the world.

“I’m taking this opportunity to write and tell you how much I value the Mentor’s Circle sessions. Thank you for this offering, which has brought me a new level of fineness of feeling and adaptability in so many areas of my life, even when things feel stressful.”

erin m., nyc
Thom Knoles teaches Vedic Meditation that you can access with a subscription

Next Mentor’s Circle Knowledge Sessions

December Live Session
How Sustainable is Humanity?

Thom leads our community in an inspirational conversation about how to use our meditation practice and the benefits we receive to become changemakers in the world. Thom reviews collective sustainability vs. individual sustainability, and how these two ideas are really one and the same.

Saturday, January 21st
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Flagstaff Time

(Audio-Only Session as Thom will be in Rishikesh)

Topic: 5 Fundamentals of Progress – Part 1

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Saturday, February 25th
3:00 – 5:00 pm Flagstaff Time

Topic: 5 Fundamentals of Progress – Part 2

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Saturday, March 25th
3:00 – 5:00 pm Flagstaff Time
Topic: Ask Thom Anything

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Thom Knoles who is the instructor for the Vedic Meditation subscription

Thom invites you to break the cycle of the ever-repeating known.

Join Mentor’s Circle and begin to experience life with increasing charm, freshness, and blissfulness.

By steadily learning how to expand your awareness, how to navigate different states of consciousness, and how to relax deeper and deeper into presence… you’ll work with Thom to access your full potential, step by step.

As Thom says, this is how we come “to make the greatest possible contribution to the group effort of civilization.”

As you meditate each day, you continue on the path. Share your discoveries and find expanded knowledge as a part of our meditation program, the Mentor’s Circle.


This Vedic Meditation subscription is an excellent way to stay consistent with your meditation and understand more deeply what effects your regular practice has on the body, stress, and personal evolution.

Thom Knoles teaching a woman who signed up for his Vedic Meditation subscription
Thom Knoles teaching a group of people who've signed up for his Vedic Meditation subscription


If you’re a seasoned meditator, the Mentor’s Circle teachings are extremely complementary to the advanced courses and deep experiences you’ve had.

This is the place to find accountability, dialogue, and clarity as you share your experience and ask questions.


Access Thom’s transformative teachings, live monthly Q&A sessions, and bonus material through our online meditation program to regularly expand your meditation practice and knowledge.


  • One monthly 2-hour Knowledge Session and Q&A with Thom, on topics like:
    • The Source of Conflict: Mechanics of War and Peace
    • Relating, Relationships and Alliances
    • Wealth: Accumulation vs. Flow
    • What does ‘Present Moment Awareness’ really mean?
    • Awakening Your Infinite Deserving Power
    • Signs of Enlightenment: A Preview of Coming Attractions
    • Making the Most of your Meditation Practice
    • …and any topic you have a question about
  • Practical “homework” given to you, by Thom, to take these lessons and apply them to your everyday life
  • Special Monthly Audio Message from Thom
  • Additional Q&A, answered by Thom monthly
  • Replay Library of all past Knowledge Sessions and Audio Messages

Thom’s teachings have helped me in a way that is beyond what I can describe in words. My sense of self is becoming more every day. I have much less fear, much more clarity, and a perspective that I can zoom out to anytime I like.
The Q&A sessions and recordings are great. The more something is repeated or touched on from different angles the more the knowledge is embodied for me.
I recommend The Mentor’s Circle for anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge and correcting their intellect. It is an extremely convenient way to access high-grade knowledge.


Membership Options


USD 49/mo

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USD 490

12-Month Subscription

Why join Mentor’s Circle?


“Mentor’s Circle provides the knowledge that makes it easier to live the best life possible.”


“It makes it easier to stick to the truth of what I am so that I can interact with nature and relate more successfully.”


“Helps guide my mind in the direction of ever-increasing happiness and love within myself.”


“I like that it helps me remember the knowledge and makes it easier to apply to daily life.


The Mentor’s Circle is the place to continue growing in your practice until you have an opportunity to meet with Thom in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is Thom hosting Knowledge Sessions?

Thom will host Knowledge Sessions with members of Mentor’s Circle once month, with each session lasting 120 minutes.

Q: How long will the replays of the Knowledge Sessions with Thom be available?

The replays of all sessions will be available to you for as long as your membership is active.

Q: Tell me more about the audio message from Thom.

Each month, Thom will record a message for Mentor’s Circle members, discussing ideas and concepts that are bubbling up in his awareness. These could be messages on applying your meditation to your everyday life, thoughts on current events, or messages addressing the need of the time. You won’t want to miss these special soundbites from Thom.

Q: What is your cancellation policy for Mentor’s Circle Membership?

You can cancel your Vedic Meditation subscription anytime; this program is run on a monthly basis for your flexibility. If you decide to cancel your membership in the middle of a month, you’ll continue to have access to and benefit from the Membership through the last day of your subscription. Once your meditation subscription ends, you will no longer have access to the Mentor’s Circle Knowledge Library.

“I feel so grateful to have an opportunity to go deeper into Vedic knowledge with such a great master of the tradition as Thom. It seems to affect my daily meditation practice in a really nice way.
Also, the global community of meditators inspires me! The community makes me want to be an initiator of Vedic Meditation. I like to observe the way Thom provides the most relevant knowledge to whoever is inquiring.” 


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