Become a Teacher of Vedic Meditation

“Let me train you. We can dive into the knowledge together at the highest level, raise your state of consciousness, and make you into someone who can revolutionize anyone’s life in just a matter of a few days.”

Thom Knoles

Episode Summary

Imagine meeting someone in the street who fondly remembers you for teaching them Vedic Meditation and sharing the profound impact it’s had on their lives.

This is a regular occurrence for Vedic Meditation teachers around the world, and especially so for Thom, who has taught tens of thousands of students over the past 50 plus years.

It’s an honor and a privilege to earn the title of a Vedic Meditation ‘Initiator’ and to learn with Thom and to be endorsed by Thom is one of the highest positions one can take as an ‘agent of progressive change.’

In this episode, Thom invites you to apply to join him on his 2023 training, to be held in Rishikesh, India. The training only happens once a year, so if you’re feeling charm to move in this direction, now is your chance to do so.

Listen to this episode then visit here for more details about the application process. 

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Episode Highlights


How Can You Contribute to the Creation of an Ideal Society?



Be a Vedic Meditation Teacher to Help Revolutionize Society



Meeting the Demand of the Time



There’s Always a Room for Meditation Teachers



Vedic Meditation Initiator Training 2023



Radiating Life for All to Enjoy



How Do You Know if You Are Ready for Initiator Training?



Revolutionizing Lives in a Matter of Days


Jai Guru Deva


Become a Teacher of Vedic Meditation

Jai Guru Deva.

[00:00:48] How Can You Contribute to the Creation of an Ideal Society?

Everyone thinks from time to time, at all times, ” How can I make my best contribution to the group effort of the world becoming more and more civilized, the world being less of a war-torn place, the world being less of a place where individual people suffer, the world where people are not constantly wondering what it’s all about, but have actually the answers?

“What is the contribution I can make to an ideal society being born, perhaps for the first time in human history?”

I have my own idea, and that is that you become a teacher of Vedic Meditation.

Teachers of Vedic Meditation are referred to in the language of our tradition as “Initiators” because you are able then, having done the training, to initiate people into this practice in the standard four-day course which you yourself took when you learnt this wonderful, simple, mental technique.

The greatest need of the time is for people to upgrade the level of brain power that they’re able to put into place and bring into interaction with the demands of the world.

Currently, according to several noted neuroscientists, on average, people use about 2% of their brain’s potential computing power. And this is largely because of constant accumulation of stress.

[00:02:41] Be a Vedic Meditation Teacher to Help Revolutionize Society

And we know that as well as making the brain incapable of being used to its fullest capacity, stress has other horrible deleterious effects on our health and on our behavior towards others.

And so to be someone, who, in just a few minutes on day one, could give a technique that could start someone on the path to eliminating all of their stress, to awakening their full potential, to allowing people’s lives to spontaneously revolutionize so that they can make a better contribution to a more ideal society, having that knowledge, that skill, that capability, I rate that as the greatest capability there is.

And learning to become a teacher allows you then to join a worldwide family of Initiators, a worldwide family of teachers who are all members of our same one tradition.

The knowledge came down to me via Guru Deva, Guru Deva was the preeminent master of all the masters of India, through his student, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to me.

And now, I’ve been, for the last many years, training individual teachers as Initiators of Vedic Meditation. But we need more, we need more teachers, and the world is filled with pockets of areas, cities, entire nations in some cases, where nobody has any access at all to a qualified teacher of Vedic Meditation.

[00:04:35] Meeting the Demand of the Time

And so this is a very, very great need of the time, as a profession or an addition to your existing profession, it need not be a full-time Vedic Meditation Initiator. As a profession, or as an addition to your existing profession, it’s an absolute delight.

When you meet people as a meditator, and you tell them a little bit about what your meditation is doing for you and what it has done, very often, the next step is someone will say, “Well, who do I have to go to in order to learn this?”

And then, if we’re not a teacher, we have to help them find where the closest Vedic Meditation instructor is so that they can take a proper course, the same way you did.

When you yourself are an Initiator, you can just say to them, “Look, tomorrow’s fine. You’ll come at three o’clock and we’ll get you started.”

And so the ability to immediately be the answer and the solution to the quest that people have to lead a fulfilled life, to lead a life in which life is lived to its fullest potential, it’s just a wonderful thing. And it is something which, with each passing year, becomes more and more relevant.

The need of the time, I would dare say even the demand of the time, is for a large influx of Vedic meditators into the world community. And with so many people who want to learn and who can’t find a teacher, you’ll be welcomed with open arms in any community and any place.

[00:06:29] There’s Always a Room for Meditation Teachers

And for those of you who live in places where there are already existing Vedic Meditation Initiators, don’t worry; they haven’t taught everybody in your town yet. Someone said to me, “I live in Los Angeles, and I think there are already about 10 teachers operating in Los Angeles.”

And I said, “Yes. And there are 18 to 20 million people in the Los Angeles basin. I think we might have a handful of thousands of meditators out of the 18 to 20 million population.”

The point I’m making is that, unless absolutely everyone in a particular city or jurisdiction is already practicing Vedic Meditation, there’s always room for many more teachers because every area could be served. And so to really bring great meaning to your own life and to help bring meaning to the lives of others, we really should consider very seriously coming to the training.

[00:07:36] Vedic Meditation Initiator Training 2023

And my training for 2023 is opening now and all you have to do is apply. When you apply to become a teacher of Vedic Meditation, to become an Initiator, to take Initiator training, it does not commit you to the training; what it does is it triggers a mentoring process.

You’ll be contacted by my team of Initiator training mentors, and they will assist you in putting together all of your prerequisites with all of the knowledge that’s needed, that is going to be drawn upon, to be a great teacher, and giving you an understanding of how quickly you have to move through those prerequisites in order to meet the deadlines for applying successfully and being accepted to take the training with me.

The training itself is absolutely amazing. About 12 weeks of full-time residential training. That 12 weeks is very intensive, there are no days off. It’s 12 weeks of total commitment to becoming a teacher.

Your access to me is beyond anything that I can offer anywhere else. I give my personal supervision to your training, and for at least four to five weeks of your course, I am there in person morning, noon, and night, training you personally to become proficient teachers of this knowledge.

[00:09:16] Radiating Life for All to Enjoy

During your training, not only are you getting the very most advanced knowledge of Vedic Meditation, you’re also personally raising your own state of consciousness.

We have a technique that we teach where you do ’rounds’ of Vedic asanas, this is a yoga-like stretching and bending procedures, a breathing technique known as pranayama, and then, of course, your meditation followed by a little lying-down session for a few minutes. This is referred to as one round.

And in Vedic Meditation Initiator training, of the 12 weeks, the middle month you spend doing 14 rounds every day, and your training continues in the spare time that you have outside doing those 14 rounds of meditation per day.

During that time, the stresses that are extant in your physiology literally just melt away, and with the release of stress, awareness expands more and more and more. And with that expanded awareness, you’re able after graduation to enter the world as a very impressive person, someone whose face is radiating life for all to enjoy.

[00:10:40] How Do You Know if You Are Ready for Initiator Training?

I’m often asked, “How does a meditator know if they’re ready for Initiator training? What are some of the key signs of one’s own readiness?”

Well, first of all, if you have some curiosity and a hunger for knowledge, you’ve enjoyed the practice so much yourself, and you’ve also noticed that when friends of yours, whether they be existing Vedic meditators or people who are interested in what it is you practice, are asking you questions and you wish you knew exactly how to answer all those questions.

When your own practice has been in place for some time, it’s natural that you regularly are asked questions about what is it that makes you tick, because you look different to other people. You respond to demands differently. You have a greater capacity to meet demands interactively.

And with that, of course, there’s just a natural inquiry all around you, plus you get a feeling for, “I wish I could actually be a teacher of this. I want to know as much about this as I can possibly know. And I want to be in a position where I can actually teach people to meditate, not just talk to them about it.”

So if those conditions are there and in place, you’re ready. Ready to apply, ready to apply and be mentored into all of the prerequisite knowledge that’s needed to be a successful applicant.

[00:12:18] Revolutionizing Lives in a Matter of Days

And so let me train you. This is one of the dearest, for me, ways of bringing Maharishi and Guru Deva’s knowledge to the world, is to be able to actually train teachers.

We can dive into the knowledge together at the highest level, and raise your state of consciousness, and make you into someone who can revolutionize anyone’s life in just a matter of a few days.

Jai Guru Deva.

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