Vedic Living Series

laugh-w-students-smallerThese classes are meant to offer pragmatic, real-life advice based on Vedic Knowledge – a body of wisdom that specifically addresses the everyday issues and challenges that we all face. They provide students with tools and concepts to understand these challenges and make life less stressful and more bliss-filled.

The Vedic Living Series are for Vedic Meditators who have taken An Introduction to Meditation. They’re offered several times throughout the year and do not need to be taken in any certain order.  Each series is a 6 to 8 hour stand-alone class taught by Thom – some recorded over a period of several years.  They are conducted in a “semi-retreat” format, allowing students to listen to lectures and have Q&A sessions with Thom and/or additional Vedic Meditation Initiators.  These classes are usually conducted in three 2 ½ hour sessions over a weekend.

The individual classes are:

  • The Conscious Design of Happines
  • The Power of Speech – Giving Clear Direction to the Universe
  • Raising Enlightened Children
  • Omni-Sexuality – Mastering the Vital Force of Creation
  • Dharma Vs. Karma – Living Your Life’s Purpose
  • Creating Affluence
  • Overcoming Addiction – Breaking Behaviors That Do Not Serve Us
  • Graceful Transitions – Dealing with Death and Grieving
  • Mastering Meditation
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Health & Physiology

To sign up for The Vedic Living Series or to ask questions, please email